Vertical blinds from Emitjo - how to order?

How to order vertical blinds at EmiTjo sun protection?

Buying vertical blinds in our online shop is very easy as you can fill in all required information in a clearly arranged sheet. Our offer for fabric blades you will find here: Lamellenvorhang and another offer here: Lamellenvorhang Massanfertigung.

Width of the vertical blind

In the field "Breite" you fill up the width of your vertical blind depending on what you want to cover with the vertical jalousie. Many customers aim to cover large windows but demand that the blades are collected (when you completely open the vertical blind) beside the window. Therefore, the so called "Paketbreite" is an important information, which tells you the width of the blade stack. Please find the information on blade stack in the following list:

Blade stack information for vertical blinds

For vertical blinds with 127mm blades
  • 100cm vertical blind width corresponds to 8,6cm blade stack
  • 200cm vertical blind width corresponds to 17,1cm blade stack
  • 300cm vertical blind width corresponds to 24,7cm blade stack
  • 400cm vertical blind width corresponds to 33,3cm blade stack

For vertical blinds with 89mm blades
  • 100cm vertical blind width corresponds to 12,4cm blade stack
  • 200cm vertical blind width corresponds to 24,7cm blade stack
  • 300cm vertical blind width corresponds to 37,1cm blade stack
  • 400cm vertical blind width corresponds to 49,4cm blade stack

vertical blinds

Height of the vertical blind

In the sheet you will find another box called "Höhe", in which you must fill out the height of your vertical blind. Please provide the complete height including fabric blade and rail. For example you fill in a height of 240cm, the height of the fabric blades, the blade suspension, and rail will correspond to 240cm.
For your vertical blind please think about a suitable distance to the floor (most customers decide for 2-5cm) so that the fabric blades not touch the floor.

Fabric blade color/ tissue feature

In our shop you find a huge range of different blade tissues with different colors and features (just scroll down in the respective offer). You can click on every tissue image to get more information. You can also directly visit our tissue overview site. Please select the desired fabric and notice its number (e.g. 101234). In our offer you find the pulldown menu entitled "Lamellenfarbe" - please select the corresponding number.

Fixing your vertical blind

Vertical blinds can be fixed at the ceiling (standard) or wall. For the ceiling fixation special clips are used. For fixation on the wall specific squares will be included and you can decide between different distances to the wall (see pulldown box "Befestigung").

Rail color

Our system contains a rail made from aluminium. It can be ordered in white (standard) or silver-colored. Please choose your color in the pulldown Menü "Schienenfarbe".

The "Paketseite" or at which side blades should be dragged into a stack?

In this pulldown box you can decide to which side the fabric blades shall migrate when you start to open the vertical blind (to the left or right side). Alternatively, you can choose the "theatre opening" that corresponds to a vertical blind opening from the middle to both sides of the blind.

Operation side

Please select in this pulldown menu "Bedienseite" if you wish to control your vertical blind at the left or right side. Consequentially the cords will be installed at the appropriate site.

Length of operation cords

Finally, you need to select the length of the operation cords. The length depends on the height you plan to install your vertical blind. You should select a cord length in a manner you can control the vertical blind without stretching yourself. On the other hand there should be a distance of 150cm from the ground to the end of the cords, which would satisfy newest european rules for children safety.